Few things are more important than being able to communicate effectively. Having the skills to properly express yourself is not only freeing, it gives you a competitive edge on life.

Our tutors are passionate about helping your child master the art of the written word. We will identify problem areas, and find ways to make them less frustrating. Strengthening weak points in grammar and punctuation will open up whole new levels of precision and expression for your child.

We can also enrich your child’s experience with English by helping them to comprehend and enjoy the figurative language found in poetry and literature (the fun stuff).

Fluid writing technique is a necessary tool when navigating the modern world. While writing skills can be used academically to craft strong thesis statements and essays, they can also be used practically when writing cover letters or emails.

Although it may seem like the written word is becoming outdated, it is actually more important than ever as the use of email and online platforms dominates the way we connect with one another.

Fostering a solid English language foundation is a great way to give your child a strong start in life.

We offer free English assessments for our students; to register your child for an English assessment, please complete the assessment registration form here.

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All our dedicated tutors hold degrees in their fields, and are passionate about helping your child face academic challenges with confidence.

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